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 Me 18. You 18 and you too.

 Childhood gone. Poof. Oh.


 Into world. Into whopping-gnarly-child-catching-shriekfest world…”


Its 1997. Badger, Fishhead, Babyface are out.

Booze. Chips. Cigarettes. Bad dancing.

Everyone’s out. Everyone.

But when someone long forgotten returns from the past, it’s time to prove how adult you really are.

A raucous, slap-in-the-face live production, the fourth show from Stoke-on-Trent’s Potboiler Theatre is an unexpected coming-of-age tale told to a furious 90s beat.



Downstairs at The Exchange, Trinity St, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1HJ

Dates and Times:

Thursday 5 October 2017, 7:30pm

Friday 6 October 2017, 7:30pm

Saturday 7 October 2017, 2pm – relaxed performance

Saturday 7 October 2017, 7:30pm


£8.50 / £6.00 / 4 Mates for £30

Tickets on sale from Mon 4 Sept

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Supported with funding from National Lottery through Arts Council England, ArtCity and Unity Theatre Trust. With thanks also to New Vic Theatre and Appetite.


Cast & Creatives

Lucy  –  Bethany-Jo Clews

Sammy  –  Ashleigh Cordery

Gemma  –  Naomi Felton

Writer  –  Kat Boon

Director  –  Kat Hughes

Composer  –  Paul Rogerson

Lighting Designer  –  Danni Beattie


Previous Projects


Devotion, 2016


“Sometimes it’s like the whole world up there doesn’t exist anymore. That it fizzled out with a whimper at about five o’ clock this morning.

That now it’s just us. Me and you. In the whole universe

Sat here.


Welcome to a night in the office from hell.
It’s 1983 and in an abandoned workplace in the Midlands, two solitary clerical workers sit down at their desks to begin a routine night shift. But as the evening creeps into the night, a confidential file is accidentally opened and a quietly horrifying secret is unleashed. A secret that’ll soon turn their lives of rotas, packed lunches and fag breaks violently upside down and the workers, against each other.

A fantasy thriller with a pounding 1980s soundtrack, Stoke-on-Trent’s Potboiler Theatre invite you to a world of ruthless ambition, desperate escapism and deeply held desires: a world of Devotion.

Devotion was supported with funding from National Lottery through Arts Council England and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. With thanks also to New Vic Theatre, Mitchell Arts Centre and Moonbrushed Media.

See the Devotion Image Gallery.


The Rhapsodies and The Inn, 2015

A series of pop up performances across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent pubs in the summer of 2015,  performed by 4 actors with a live local band.

With pop up performances in over 20 local pubs and 3 sell out shows The Rhapsodies and The Inn cemented our love for Stoke and Staffordshire audiences.

The Rhapsodies

A stranger has appeared at the bar, with a pint in hand and a musician in tow. He wants to tell you a tale if you’ll listen. Ready? … Quick fire tales of the peculiar and the unusual spun by characters from The Inn.

The Inn

The Inn’s recently departed Landlord has just been spotted haunting the urinals but Landlady Stella’s determined the karaoke will carry on…. It’s going to be anything but a quiet pint at The Inn tonight.

Grab yourself a drink and gather at The Inn to meet a community of the peculiar and the inebriated, as they struggle to ride out a perfect storm in a pint glass. A live music infused evening of drama and storytelling that takes over your local, drinks far too much than is polite, and refuses to go home.

Watch the trailer.

See The Rhapsodies & The Inn Image Gallery.

Funded by National Lottery through Arts Council England and Staffordshire County Council.

Stories From Pub Corners, 2014

An evening of storytelling and acoustic music over a pint or two. Performed by 3 actors and a musician to an audience of drinkers in a side room of a pub, the evening featured the tales and complaints of peculiar pub characters from an occupationally frustrated petty thief come to flog her stolen Asda knickers;to a tipsy pub singer, Staffordshire’s only Shania Twain tribute, trying to get over the breakdown of her marriage through song; to a young Avon seller and donkey owner obsessed with the barmaid who’ll do anything to get her attention.

Performances took place on 7 July 2014 at The Holy Inadequate, Etruria and on 2 October 2014 at The Leopard, Burslem.

Funded by Appetite’s The Kitchen.



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